Body pump workout 2021: everything you need to know

Body pump workout is what you are looking for strength training and power and may be your gate to a lean and strong body and a shredded shape body. ”body bump gets all the main muscle groups working using higher reps and light weight barbell” says Katie Duffy, body pump trainer from Les mills.

bodypump workout build full-body strength  and pump the body with lifting lightweights barbell and higher reps with listening to energizing music. we will talk about everything you need to know about bodypump workout class before starting the class and lifting barbell weights, according to the expert instructors at Les mills.

Bodypump expert

  • Katie Duffy is a certified Body Pump instructor from Les mills, has certifications in personal training, group exercises, and more.
  • Michael Glynn, DPT, is a physical therapist based in Chicago.
  • Donna Walker, NASM-CPT, is a coach at F45 Lincoln Park.

Bodypump workout

body pump is a new stamina training program that was designed and developed by fitness company Les mills international and was taught at gyms and studios all over the country even the world. bodypump workout uses a few techniques and the only equipment needed for the training are barbell for body pump class to strengthen the muscles of your full body by doing higher reps using light-weight barbell.

each class has sections that are called tracks that focus on specific major muscle groups to get your entire body shredded, fit, and toned. and improves your strength.

Light-weight, high reps resistance workout

bodypump workout depends on the rep effect formula which works on a lot of repetition with lower weight barbell at varying speeds and intensities. bodypump helps the full body to adapt to fatigue and increase the  pump, get you looking lean, and tone your muscle fast with no heavy lifting.

Low impact muscle toning

Body pump workout

bodybump higher repetition pump and make your muscle to work until you reach the exhaustion of your body. bodypump helps in creating microscopic tears in the tissue and pump a huge amount of blood in your body that tone and rebuild stronger and leaner with keeping your joints safe and keeping them from heavy weights.

the slow burn makes your full-body build stamina by training the tissue that works against stamina over long times. bodypump  is varying from the original way of using heavier lifting with dumbells and lower reps, which exhaust your body really fast and quickly and concentrate on building bulkier mass.

Bodypump class


Body pump workout

class range from 30 to 55 minute, five- or six-minute tracks per class: full-body warm-up, squats, legs, chest, back, tricep, biceps, lunges, shoulders, core, and a cool down and stretch to pump the blood.

as it is suggested in the track, doing squats, lunge, triceps dips, bicep curls, push-ups, presses, deadlifts, planks, and more using a barbell with adjustable and suitable plates and barbell and an aerobic step platform which are provided in the gym.

it is expected to perform 1,000 reps in the class at varying speed, often in one time with listening to energizing music to make it like a routine and to pump better. the instructor will demonstrate the moves and the equipment that will be used during the class. if this is your first class, you should come up 15 minutes early to talk with your instructor about your upcoming class and pump workout, set up the barbell, and start asking the questions you have about bodypump.

you could take bodypump workout class at home by buying Les mills OnDemand (starting at $9.99 per month). you can use any weights you have to tone yourelf, so don’t worry about not having a barbell.

Benefits of bodypump workout class

  • building lean body: higher reps fatigue and exhaust youself, which makes them grow longer, leaner, stronger, and more toned than ever.
  • improve body endurance: higher reps helps to train your muscles to perform against lower force for long periods of time, instead of being tired giving up quickly.
  • burns calories and raises metabolism: your body: bodypump workout class pump your heart really fast and keeps your body working to burn higher than 500 calories. regular force training boosts your metabolism and helps your body to burn more fat and calories efficiently and even when you are not exercising.
  • low impact: using lighter barbells weights in your training is better and easier on the joints of your body than the original heavy lifting.

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Considerations of safety

bodypump workout class is safer than heavy-lifting however sometimes bodypump workout causes a risk of injury for your body resulting from the overuse of light weights barbell or dropping a heavy barbell on your foot, so there are some safety considerations to take into account during your workout.


if you are a beginner, newbie to bodypump workout, you should begin slow as some coach from Les mills advise you to begin with 4 tracks then add another every 7 days to build up your  strength, technique, and confidence and to avoid risking the overuse injury. also, Les mills advise you to be at ease.

if you can’t perform and begin with a 60-minute class then begin with 30 minute and stay the same until you are better as Les mills advise you.

prevent most injuries by using good exercise, your instructor will guide you to the proper technique during the class and it’s important, to begin with, light weights so your body understands how to perform the movement and exercise. you should take your time before and after the class to go over specific movements if you need help with them.

How can I choose the right weight for me?

the resistance should be taxed in the last 3 or 4 reps and allows you to maintain proper form. for example, if you are doing 20 reps but at the 12th rep you begin compensating with other groups, you should lower the weight to achieve the desired workout.

les mills recommend performing up to 3 bodypump workout classes a week with days off in between and Les mills suggest doing a cardio workout on the rest days to your resistance training. listen to your body. if you are feeling pain during class then modify your movement or take a break.

bodybump vs. weightlifting



bodypump’s low-weight with high reps is different from normal weightlifting , which depends on lifting more heavier weights for much shorter intervals and lower reps. in bodypump workout, you could perform 70 to 100 reps per exercise, while in a weightlifting workout, you perform a total of 3 sets of 10 repetitions per exercise.

bodypump workout focuses on the toning of the muscles and body, while focusing on bulking in heavier lifting. when it comes down to performance. this  workout is more ideal for a beginner, but if you are used to heavy weights workout and want to take to your body pump to the next level,  weightlifting is a better choice for you.

What to wear in bodypump workout classes?


dress in moderate, comfortable clothing so that you won’t restrict your mobility during bodypump classes. appropriate clothing, tennis shoes, and athletic wear as you will be breaking lots of sweat, come prepared with a water bottle and a towel to stay hydrated, dry and toned.

How many times a week should you do bodypump? is it OK to do bodypump everyday?


Whether you’re practicing the exercise as a class or at home, it’s advised to do it two or three times a week, mixed in with one of the other Les Mills aerobic exercises.

You would run some risk to your safety and health if you performed Body Pump daily. Body Pump devotees frequently complain of knee, back, and shoulder pain in addition to over exhaustion. While exercising is good for you, pushing yourself too hard will only result in pain and possible damage.

What is Better bodypump or spin?

When the intensity level was equalized, the study discovered that cycling was superior to bodybump in terms of calorie burn and fat reduction. 411 calories on average were burned during a bodybump workout as opposed to 623 calories on the cycle ergo meter.

What are the disadvantages of bodypump?

  1. Injury is possible if you aren’t focused on learning perfect form and the instructor isn’t excellent at correcting.
  2. If bodybump is the only weightlifting you do, there is a risk for muscular imbalances because there are no single-leg, single-arm, etc. exercises.
  3. There are few changes to the motions. They occasionally incorporate “new” ideas, but generally they keep to their basic techniques.
  4. If the instructor isn’t excellent at mixing up the class (or the gym doesn’t allow it), it could become repetitive.


bodypump workout program is a resistance training class with high reps and lower weight that anyone can do and gives the energy and strength you are looking for to be toned. each class targets each of your body group that strengthens all the muscle and make you looking great. bodypump workouts program while listening to music improving strength and burn calories during and after class by boosting metabolism.

consult with your doctor if there are conditions that prevent you from working out. but if everything is cleared with you then you should understand that bodypump workout is safe for everyone.

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