Box Office: Horror film Barbarian revenues reach 26 million

The new horror film Barbarian revenues reach of 26 million and 98 thousand dollars since the work was launched on September 9 in various theaters around the world.

Horror film Barbarian revenues reach 26 million worldwide

Horror film Barbarian revenues

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The revenues of the new Barbarian movie were divided between 25 million and 62 thousand dollars in 2340 American theaters and one million and 36 thousand dollars in theaters around the world, and the new movie is scheduled to reach a number of theaters around the world during the coming period.


The Horror Movie Barbarian follows a young woman who arrives at an Airbnb in town for a job interview late at night to find that her rent has been mistakenly booked and that there is a strange man staying at her place; despite what happened, she decides to stay the night. But she soon discovers that there is much more to fear in the house than the other guest.


The horror film “Barbarian” is directed and written by Zack Krieger and stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brick, Kurt Braunhaler, James Butler, and Sophie Sorensen. The new work is produced by the 20th Century Company, and the duration of the film is one hour and 42 minutes.

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