NASA detects human garbage on the red planet

human garbage on the red planet! NASA revealed, in a tweet through its official account on the Twitter platform, that it had found a thermal blanket believed to be part of the wreckage of the equipment that contributed to the safe landing of the “Perseverance” spacecraft on Mars last year.

NASA finds human garbage on the red planet

human garbage on the red planet


It added that the reason for the arrival of this piece to a place about two kilometers from the place of the crash of the landing gear, is likely to be the reason for the wind that carried it this distance.


During their journey to Mars, spacecraft are exposed to great temperatures and strong gravitational forces, which make them penetrate the atmosphere at a speed of up to 20 thousand kilometers per hour.


The equipment helps reduce the impact of this on spacecraft, as it separates from them before landing and suffers severe damage, leaving their irregularities on the surface of the Red Planet.

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