Hong Kong’s Jumbo floating restaurant sinks at sea

The Hong Kong’s Jumbo floating restaurant sinks at sea days after it was towed from its mooring in Aberdeen Harbor, far from the port where it had been operating for nearly 50 years.

Hong Kong’s Jumbo floating restaurant sinks more than 1000 meters into the sea

Jumbo floating restaurant

Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, the parent company of Jumbo floating restaurant, said it capsized in the South China Sea last Sunday while on its way to an undisclosed location.


The company added that the restaurant sank more than 1,000 meters. This made the rescue work very difficult, but she confirmed that none of the crew members were injured in the accident.

Britain’s BCC said more than 3 million guests are believed to have eaten at the restaurant over the years.


She revealed that among the celebrities who ate it were Queen Elizabeth II, international star Tom Cruise, and British businessman Richard Branson.

Jumbo floating restaurant


The restaurant appeared in many films, including the James Bond movie, but the epidemic dealt a fatal blow to the company, as the restaurant closed in March 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic for two years.

The company that owns it has not been able to reopen it and cover its expenses, as it has incurred huge losses in recent years.

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