Man Accidentally Yells at DoorDash Driver Instead of His Dog

Man Accidentally Yells at DoorDash Driver Instead of His Dog! The story begins when a Syrian worker went to the home of an Australian young man, Mark Bolshlip, to deliver an order of food, only to be surprised as soon as he arrived there, with a voice shouting from inside the house, asking him to move away from the door in a firm manner.

Man Accidentally Yells at DoorDash Driver Instead of His Dog and apologize

Man Accidentally Yells at DoorDash


Sami thought that the request was directed at him, so he moved away from the door, only to find out later that Mark’s call was directed at his dog, who was barking hysterically at the door.


Later, the young Australian man felt his mistake when he noticed, by reviewing the surveillance camera in his home, that he had hurt Sami’s feelings.. So he felt sad and began the journey of searching for him. He posted a video clip that he posted on his TikTok account, asking his followers to help him reach the man to apologize for the misunderstanding that occurred.

And here was the surprise, as this clip was widely circulated to reach, within a few days, about 40 million views. In the end, Mark achieved his desire to reach the Syrian refugee through his daughter, meet him personally, and apologize to him.


A donation campaign was launched following that incident in the name of the Syrian refugee to realize his dream of buying a plane ticket to visit his family in France, especially after it was found that Sami resorted to working in a delivery service to collect the amount that would enable him to travel.

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