Foreign audience reaction to Moon Knight end credits song

Foreign audience reaction to the Moon Knight end credits songThe Marvel series Moon Knight sparked controversy due to the song at the end of the second episode of the series, where the episode ended with hearing the Egyptian song “El Melouk” by Ahmed Saad.

Foreign audience reaction to Marvel Moon Knight end credits song

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The Egyptian audience expressed their happiness at hearing the famous song in a work from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the foreign audience expressed their admiration for the song that they heard for the first time.

One follower wrote, “The Moon Knight end credit theme got me dancing.”


Another wrote, “The Moon Knight’s end credits song for episode 2 is a banger, I need to add it to my playlist.”

One fan commented on the song’s YouTube clip, “This song is going to be a blow up now. Moon Knight bring me here . “


Another wrote: ” man ,This song goes hard! I do not understand . But Music is a universal language. Moon Knight got me here “

The second episode ends with Mark taking possession of the hero’s body instead of Stephen, and he goes on a mission to Egypt, where he wakes up in a room overlooking the pyramids, and we start hearing Moon Knight end credits song “El Melouk”.

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