Netflix The Chosen One: Two actors was killed in a van crash in Mexico

The Netflix platform announced the death of two heroes of the Mexican Netflix The Chosen One in a tragic accident.

Netflix The Chosen One: Two actors was killed in a van crash in Mexico

Netflix The Chosen One

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It’s reported that the show’s production truck crashed in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, killing actors Raimundo Gardoño Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar and injuring six other cast members.

The incident occurred on Santa Rosalia Road, which leads to a local airport. Two other actors and four crew members were hurt in the accident, but they are currently in stable condition.


The incident caused filming to be suspended until further notice, with investigations continuing to determine the circumstances of the accident.

According to the Associated Press, witnesses to the accident said that the production truck veered off the road into a remote area before it overturned.


A friend of the late actors said that the two stars complained about the deteriorating conditions of Mexican roads and transportation, and said that the production staff took advantage of them in order to save on transportation costs.

Netflix The Chosen One , produced by Netflix, revolves around three doctors trying to obtain a vaccine for the Zika virus. In their frantic pursuit, they find a spiritual healer who lures them to a religious group.

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