Rare Princess Diana Portrait Displayed In London 

An extremely rare Princess Diana portrait is being shown in Philip Mold & Company’s gallery to celebrate her 61st birthday, and the rare Princess Diana portrait joins the exhibition as part of Masterpiece Art Fair 2022.

A Rare Princess Diana Portrait Displayed In London

Rare Princess Diana Portrait

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The late American artist Nelson Shanks painted in 1994, three years before her death, a wonderful painting of Princess Diana, which reflected the emotional state that she reached after her marriage to Prince Charles, the Crown Prince of Britain. The Princess of Wales appeared in the painting with her eyes looking down in a state of refraction.


The oil painting of Princess Diana in a green dress by fashion designer Catherine Walker bore the name Diana, Princess of Wales.

The portrait depicts Princess Diana staring down on the floor, which is unusual for royal photographs, as she was pleased with just one little earring.


Princess Diana sat for more than 35 hours to paint a complete picture separate from the oil painting, which was first displayed at Kensington Palace and subsequently relocated to her family’s Northamptonshire house of Althorpe.

The late American artist Nelson Shanks painted a second full-length version of Princess Diana’s portrait from memory in 2010.


There was a strong friendship between Nelson and the princess. Nelson was fascinated by Diana’s sensibility. The Princess of Wales said she felt comfortable and fulfilled during her painting sessions, and for her, Nelson’s London studio was a sanctuary full of support and love in which she could be the real herself without constraints.

In January, an oil painting of Diana, the late Princess of Wales, sold for $201,600, more than 10 times the expected price.

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