Romanian man extradited to U.S. on hacking charges over NASA

On Tuesday, US federal prosecutors announced that a Romanian man had been extradited to the United States. This individual is suspected of aiding in the spread of a computer virus that infected over a million computers and caused massive financial losses globally.

Romanian man extradited to U.S. on hacking charges over virus that hit NASA

Romanian man extradited to U.S.


Romanian Mihai Bonescu, 37, faces charges of operating a service that helped spread the “Josie” virus that stole personal bank account information.

Accused Bonescu appeared for the first time on Monday in federal court in Manhattan, United States, where a warrant was issued for his detention.


Prosecutors said the virus is one of the most financially devastating, causing tens of millions of dollars in losses to its victims.

The virus was first discovered in 2007 and was able to infect at least 40,000 computers in the United States, including more than 160 computers in the US Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA“.


Ponesco was deported from Colombia after being arrested last year and charged with conspiracy to hack computers and conspiracy to commit bank fraud. His lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment, according to Reuters.

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