Serena Williams Willed Her Way to a Glorious Goodbye

The legend of the American tennis game serena Williams Willed Her Way to a Glorious Goodbye. Serena Williams said goodbye to her fans around the world after losing the last match of her career at the US Open, before retiring from tennis. The last match witnessed a festive atmosphere, an impressive one, and many farewell messages.

The legend Serena Williams Willed Her Way to a Glorious Goodbye

Serena Williams Willed Her Way

Serena Williams lost to Australian Ajla Tomljanovic in the US Open, thus making it the last match of her career after the tennis legend announced her retirement from the game after this tournament.


Her participation came with many hopes of achieving her last title, especially after she opened the competition with an unexpected victory, which increased the public presence in her last match, which was attended by 24,000 people, most of whom came to bid farewell to the tennis legend, carrying banners saying “the greatest of all time.”

Serena Williams gave a touching speech after the match and did not hold back her tears while talking about her retirement from tennis. She thanked her father Richard and her mother and said, “Thanks, Dad. I know you’re watching.  Thanks, Mom. Oh, my God…I thank everyone here who has been by my side for so many years, decades. Oh my god, literally decades. But it all started with my parents. And they deserve everything. So I’m really grateful to them.”


She continued, addressing her sister in the audience: “I wouldn’t be Serena if there wasn’t Venus, so thank you, Venus. She’s the only reason Serena Williams ever existed.”

Serena Williams Willed Her Way

Serena Williams refused to describe her decision to retire and said that it is a new development and a new transitional stage in her life, in order to take care of her family and her daughter. She also said about the fact that she is returning to tennis again: “I don’t know what that involvement is yet. But I feel like it’s given me so many opportunities. In doing so, it’s given other people so many amazing opportunities. I think it means so much to me in my life, and I’ve had so many amazing moments that I don’t see a future without it.”


Serena Williams announced her retirement from tennis after winning 23 major slam titles, the second-highest total in history, and was one title away from becoming the most titled winner in history.

After Serena Williams played her final match, several other famous people, including Michelle Obama and Tiger Woods, sent their tributes to her.

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