Sidr leaves benefits for hair you should know about

Sidr leaves is one of the leaves known as the lote leaves, and this plant has many benefits and uses. It contains many different and varied minerals and vitamins, which are useful in treating many diseases, and this plant was mentioned in Chinese medicine previously. In this article we will show the Sidr leaves benefits for hair, skin and body.

Sidr leaves benefits for hair you should know about

Sidr leaves benefits for hair

Sidr leaves are one of the most prominent herbs that are used in the treatment of hair loss, and beauty experts advise using Sidr leaves as a natural remedy for hair problems, and they confirm that it has great benefits for hair and that it has quick and amazing results, as it is low in cost and easily obtainable. Here  are some Sidr leaves benefits for hair:

  • Sidr leaves are used to promote hair growth and increase its density.
  • It activates the work of hair follicles thanks to its natural properties that help to increase hair density.
  • gives hair a natural shine.
  • strengthens hair roots and reduces hair loss, promoting thicker hair growth.
  • makes the hair look thicker and more vibrant.
  • It provides extra protection from the sun and everyday influences.
  • It works to eliminate dandruff, which is one of the causes of hair loss.
  • Sidr leaves are used as an effective alternative to expensive dry shampoos.

Sidr powder skin benefits

Sidr leaves benefits for hair

    • lightens skin

      Sidr opens the skin by drying its leaves, then grinding them into a powder, and using it instead of a daily face wash, as it cleans the skin of dirt, germs, and oils that may collect on it, and makes it smooth and bright because of the elements it contains. This method is used for the skin of the face and body.

    • Treat acne

      When used as a daily wash for the skin, especially oily skin, it gets rid of acne and protects the skin from its appearance because it contains sterile elements for the skin.

    • It removes dark spots and blackheads

      it contains elements that sterilize the skin. When using it, it rids the skin of oils, thus closing its pores and removing blackheads. It also helps in getting rid of oil from the skin by using it as a mask two hours before applying make-up.

    • It prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

      This benefit shows its results when you continue to use it periodically.

    • exfoliates the skin

      It removes dead cells from the skin after peeling, and thus helps to renew it and prevents oils and fats from coming to the surface. Here, sidr can be used with milk to increase its effectiveness.

    • Makes the skin supple

      Because it cleans the skin, making it bright and supple.

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How do you use sidr for hair?


Sidr leaves benefits for hair

Here are some recipes from this magical plant to double the length and density of your hair, and also to treat some of the problems it may face.

Sidr spray to thicken hair

The ingredients:

  • A cup of dry Sidr leaves.
  • One and ½ cup of boiling water.


Sidr leaves are soaked in hot water overnight in a glass bowl after covering the bowl. The next day, drain the water from the leaves, and store them in a bottle with a spray cap. Sprinkle it on the scalp and hair and leave it on the hair until it dries, then rinse with lukewarm water only.

Sidr and castor oil

Castor oil contains amino acids that stimulate hair growth, and this mixture helps to increase hair density and length and solve dandruff problems.



Mix 3 tablespoons of Sidr flour and 2 tablespoons of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of olive or sesame oil to get a liquid paste. Then it is applied to the hair and rubbed in for 10 minutes, and the hair is washed with water.

Does sidr change hair color?

Sidr leaves benefits for hair

Sidr does not change the color of the hair when used normally, but it can cause a slight lightening of the color if it is excessively used. Some women say that using Sidr can change the color of gray hair from white to a light yellow color, giving the hair an attractive color instead of the gray color that women do not like.

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