Top Gun: Maverick becomes the first $1B Tom Cruise movie

The revenues of the new action movie, Top Gun: Maverick, have exceeded one billion dollars, since the work was launched on May 27 in various theaters around the world, as the total revenues reached one billion and 6 million and 936 thousand dollars in various theaters around the world. The work is produced by Paramount Pictures.

Top Gun: Maverick Becomes First Tom Cruise Movie to Hit $1 Billion

Top Gun: Maverick

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The revenues of the new movie were divided between 520 million and 836 thousand dollars in American theaters, and 486 million and 100 thousand dollars in various theaters around the world.


The film takes place after the hero spent more than thirty years in the Air Force, where Maverick was among the best pilots, but Maverick finds himself tasked with training a battalion of Top Gun graduates to carry out a specific mission that has not been done by a live pilot before.


In addition to Tom Cruise, the film stars a huge battalion of stars, including Melis Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Ed Harris and Val Kilmer, and it was written by Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr., Eric Waner Singer, Christopher McGuire and Ehren Kreuger, and directed by Joseph Kosinski.

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