Top Gun: Maverick grossed 124 million in its first week in its first week

 Top Gun: Maverick grossed 124 million in its first week….“Top Gun: Maverick” topped the box office in its first weekend of release in North America, bringing in $124 million.

 Top Gun: Maverick grossed 124 million at Box Office

Top Gun Maverick grossed 124

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The movie, which is showing in 4,732 North American theaters by Monday, is expected to gross $151 million, exceeding expectations and setting a new high standard for movies in their opening weekend, which coincides with the American Memorial Day holiday.


This big turnout was due to many fans of the previous film experiencing a surge of nostalgia (Top Gun). With such a tremendous start, the film became the highest-grossing first week of Cruise’s 40-year career, as well as the first to generate more than $100 million in its first weekend.

In second place is his new movie, “War of the Worlds,” which grossed $64 million at the start of its release.


Only one Disney and Twentieth Century movie, “The Pops Burgers Movie,” ventured to appear alongside “Top Gun.”

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