Will Smith in Morocco to attend the wedding of Adil El Arbi

Will Smith in Morocco in order to attend the wedding of Adel Al-Arabi, director of his movie “Bad Boys for Life”. The wedding ceremony was held in Tangier, in the presence of a large gathering of the newlyweds’ family.

Will Smith in Morocco to attend the wedding of the director of his movie Bad Boys for Life


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Will Smith in Morocco living the atmosphere of Moroccan weddings, hours after the video in which he apologized to his colleague Chris Rock for the famous slap at the Oscars 2022.

Adel Al-Arabi posted on his account on “Instagram” more than one picture of the star Will Smith, who visited Morocco in order to attend his wedding. The American star took pictures with the newlyweds and lived in the festive atmosphere. Adel Al-Arabi thanked Will Smith for coming to Morocco to congratulate him on his wedding. He wrote a comment on the photos saying: “Shokran brother Will for coming to our magical Moroccan wedding, we so blessed to have you as our guest of honor.”


Will Smith in Morocco

Will Smith’s photos with director Adel Al-Arabi and his bride won great interaction from the audience through social media, who expressed their admiration for the presence of the international star at his friend’s wedding and his eagerness to congratulate him on this important event in his life.


Will Smith co-starred in the movie “Bad Boys for Life”, which was shown in 2020, with star Martin Lawrence. The movie was directed by Adel Al-Arabi in cooperation with director Bilal Falah, and it achieved revenues of nearly 426 million US dollars.

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