World’s loneliest man found dead in Brazil: Who was he?

World’s loneliest man found dead : Who was he? An indigenous man who lived in complete isolation in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil for more than 25 years has died, according to the government organization “FUNAI ” that specializes in tracking isolated tribesmen in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

World’s loneliest man found dead in Brazil

World's loneliest man found dead
According to “FUNAI ,”  who was in charge of following up on him, the man was found dead on a hammock. There were reports of no sign of crime.


The land hunters and livestock breeders had killed members of his tribe and his family in several attacks since the seventies, and only he remained, which made him live the rest of his days alone.

The man was known as “the pit man,”  and it was known about him that he dug deep holes in which he used to hide and hunt animals.


The man avoided any contact with the outside world even though the authorities kept an eye on him and left him supplies from time to time.

“No outsider knew this man’s name, or even much about his tribe, and with his death the genocide of his people was completed,” said Fiona Watson, researcher and activist at Survival International.


Reports confirmed that he was running away from people when he was first discovered in 1996, until his last days, despite the gifts they throw him.

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